Wolves Escape Wildlife Center North Of Twin Cities

There’s a hunt in Chisago County for at least one wolf still on the loose, after four escaped a sanctuary late last week, reports Caroline Cummings (2:18). WCCO 4 News - June 2, 2021

Video Transcript

- There's a search in Chisago County for a wolf on the loose after it escaped a sanctuary in the area. Four wolves total escaped the Wildlife Science Center near Stacy. At least one is still on the loose and caretakers are pleading with the public to help with the search and keep them alive. Caroline Cummings shares the unusual story.

MEGAN BECKEL: Hi, Adam. Are you a best boy? I love you.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: Megan Beckel's devotion to the 120 wolves that live here mirrors that of the bond within the actual wolf packs. It's not an overstatement that her world revolves around the animals.

MEGAN BECKEL: These guys are-- for lack of a better word-- they're our life. We [? pour-- ?] this is not a nine-to-five job. During wolf puppy season, the pups that we bottle feed live at my house.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: So news that four wolves escaped last week hit her hard.


CAROLINE CUMMINGS: So far they've only been able to recover one alive, another put down after being hit by a car. And they're on the lookout for two more, though, one is presumably shot and may be dead.

MEGAN BECKEL: If you shot him, we're not going to press charges, no judgment. We just want his body back. We need to know who we're still looking for.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: This is Iris, the alpha female of one of the packs. She had just a single puppy recently that Beckel and other caretakers took to bottle feed and then pass along to another wildlife sanctuary up north. Noticing the pup missing, other wolves in the pack went looking for one of their own. Torrential rain created quite literally a perfect storm for escape.

MEGAN BECKEL: They were denning right there, looking for their pups, and went under the ground apron, which-- you can't really see the ground apron. But it's under and in and it's the same type of fence. And they went under it and the hole probably came right to outside the fence here. And with the rain, it just collapsed everything.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: Beckel says nothing like this has ever happened in the three decades of operation. But she and others who work there are pleading with the public to alert them if they see a wolf roaming so they can bring him back safely.

MEGAN BECKEL: To say devastated isn't-- it doesn't even touch it. We're just completely numb. We just so want our guys back.

CAROLINE CUMMINGS: Caroline Cummings, WCCO 4 News.

- If you see the wolf in your area, the Center asks you leave it alone, take a picture of it, and notify the Center on exactly where you saw it.