Wolves goalkeeper Rui Patricio awake after suffering head injury

Rui Patricio was awake and talking after being knocked out in Wolves’ 1-0 defeat to Liverpool, boss Nuno Espirito Santo has confirmed.

Video Transcript

NUNO ESPIRITO SANTO: Yeah, we just had an update from the doctor. He's OK. He's awake. He's conscious. And he speaks. He remembers what happened.

You have to take the right precautions, but he's OK. It was a collision with the knee of Coady, a big knock to his head. But he's OK. So, for now, everything is fine.

Now, the following hours are important. He's going to be with the doctors, being assessed. And we have to wait, what is happening.

JURGEN KLOPP: Yeah, in these moments, everything loses importance immediately. So I don't know how long it took exactly, about seven, eight minutes, and that's really long, and then you worry even more. So, yeah, we wish him all the best, a big recovery, and hopefully he will be fine.