Woman accused of setting ‘unreasonable’ requirements for future family vacation

A 21-year-old wanted to give her younger siblings a graduation reward. But her family members thought her requirements were too strict. She sought advice on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "I told [my siblings] I would take them on a trip to any one country as a graduation gift … I spoke with my mom, and we both agree on these three conditions”. “They had to have a 3.0 GPA when they graduate. They couldn't have issues with the law ... They had to at the very least have a part-time job to pay for their passport and any extra spending money”. “So fast forward to today … My cousin asked me if I promised my sister a trip to France for her graduation … I answered her honestly and even mentioned that there were conditions for the trips”. "She then started to berate me telling me I was going to punish my siblings for not being perfect students”. “I have been getting messages from family saying I am being unreasonable in my requests for the trip. That I should take them on the trip regardless of how they do in school”. “They also say it's rather cruel of me to think that they could get in trouble with the police or the school" . Reddit users were perplexed by the entire situation. "They’re not even going, so why are they so mad?" one person wrote. "Why do your other family members care so much?" a user commented

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