Woman allegedly lied about daughter's death to get out of jail

Jan. 24—MIDDLEBURG — A 29-year-old Landisburg woman is accused of lying about her daughter's death to get out of Snyder County Prison.

Kelsey Gates was in the county jail late last week awaiting sentencing on a charge of making false reports to law enforcement when she asked the court to release her temporarily while she attended her daughter's funeral.

District Attorney Michael Piecuch said he did not object to Gates' temporary release after being informed by her attorney that the child had died from leukemia.

President Judge Lori R. Hackenberg agreed to release Gates for 12 hours to attend the funeral.

When Gates didn't return to jail within the mandated 12 hours, Piecuch said, the court learned that her daughter does not have leukemia and is alive and in the custody of the child's father.

Gates was apprehended by law enforcement and brought Tuesday before Hackenberg, who revoked bail and sentenced her to four months in jail for failing to report back to jail as ordered.

Gates is also charged with misdemeanor escape and default in required appearance. Piecuch said more charges will be filed, including false reports.

Public defender Jasmin Smith has filed a motion to withdraw as Gates' attorney, court records said.