Woman angry at Burger King wait climbs into drive-through to shoot at employees, police say

Police released photos of a woman who reportedly became so upset about the wait time at a Memphis restaurant that she opened fire on employees.

Video Transcript

- At this Fox Meadows Burger King, a whopper of a tale. Police say this woman tried to shoot several workers because her fast food order wasn't coming out fast enough.

- That's crazy.

- It happened Tuesday in the drive-thru of this location at Winchester and Mendenhall. Investigators say the woman got out of the passenger seat of this sedan, then walked up to the window and started arguing with the workers.

- She must've been really hungry.

- And real angry, because police say things got so heated she pulled a handgun out of her car and fired shots at the employees.

- That's senseless.

- Paul Ayers used to work in a fast food restaurant.

PAUL AYERS: Had food thrown at me and got cussed out, but not that serious there. No.

- Thankfully, those employees escaped through a back door without being hit.

The wild allegations leaving some to wonder if this woman was already upset when she entered the drive-thru.

- It had to be something else deeper than just an order taking too long.

- Police don't know if this woman had a permit for her weapon-- a small detail in the case, but something investigators may try to find out if they can find her. They hope these pictures posted on social media will help.

- Yeah, she needs to be off the street. Because if she's going to do that with a fast food order, what happens if somebody cuts her off in traffic? [LAUGHS] She's gonna lean out the car and shoot at them.