Woman arrested for auto-theft and fraudulent use of credit cards

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Sep. 15—Alexus Cutshaw, 21, has been arrested for theft by unlawful taking of an automobile more than $10,000 and fraudulent use of a credit cards for more than $1,000.

On Aug. 9, Richmond police were called to a residence on Main Street where it was reported a car had been stolen. Upon talking with the victim, officers were advised the vehicle was stolen between noon and 6:30 p.m.

A nearby witness told police around 6:15 p.m. that day, they noticed Cutshaw and another individual come from across the street and got into the vehicle. The witness said Cutshaw walked through their yard before getting into the passenger side of the vehicle in question. Cutshaw then spoke with the other individual in the car and switched to the driver's seat and then drove off.

The citation states the car was found the next day on Aug. 10, at another location which matched the address of the other unnamed individual, and was also previously paired to their phone. A receipt with Cutshaw's name was found inside the vehicle.

On Aug. 24, the witness saw Cutshaw and the other individual at the residence where they allegedly took the vehicle and took several photos. The witness advised the officers Cutshaw and the other individual were the same ones they observed steal the vehicle earlier in the month. However, this time, there was a third individual with the duo that was not there on the day of the theft on Aug. 9.

On Sept. 9, the victim of the theft provided the police with an itemized receipt of merchandise that had been purchased on their JCPenney credit card from the same date the vehicle was stolen, the citation reports. Nearly $2,500 worth of merchandise was purchased on the card on Aug. 9. Police reviewed the security footage from the store and observed Cutshaw make purchases using the credit card as well as the other individual. The purchases made by Cutshaw totaled approximately $1,331.

Finally, on Sept. 13, police brought Cuthsaw to the police department for questioning where she agreed to answer officers questions after she was read her rights. According to the citation, Cutshaw said she did not know anything about the stolen vehicle, but she only knew about a white jeep from the residence. She stated she rode around in it with her friends but did not say their names. She stated she did not know the name of the other individual shown beside her in store and witness footage.

Cutshaw remains housed in the Madison County Detention Center.

Other arrests include:

—Christian Knuckles, 19, first-degree second offense possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), buying or possessing drug paraphernalia, fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) minor injury, failure to appear and first-degree, first offense possession of a controlled substance.

—William Ballard, 29, first-degree, first offense possession of a controlled substance (heroin), buy or possess drug paraphernalia, no registration plates, first offense failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance, and first offense driving on a suspended license.

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