Woman arrested in connection with death of pregnant mother Dianna Brice

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office has issued an arrest warrant for the man accused of killing a pregnant Delaware County mother who was later found dead in the city last week.

Video Transcript

- A break in the case. Philadelphia police and an FBI task force have arrested Tylydiah Garnett in connection with the shooting death of a pregnant mother Dianna Brice. "Action News" reporter Corey Davis has more on the arrest and the continued investigation into Brice's slaying.

COREY DAVIS: Still a lot of questions with this case with the recent arrest of a woman accused of arson and abuse of a corpse. Still no murder charges have been filed against anyone as this investigation continues. There have been several disturbing developments over the last two weeks since Dianna Brice went missing at the end of last month, followed by the discovery of her body a week later.

KEVIN RYAN: I've been going through every range of emotion, sadness, anger, sorrow.

COREY DAVIS: Kevin Ryan, a missing persons investigator hired by Bryce's family, says they believe her boyfriend Justin Smith has important information and that someone is helping him. Police say he's a person of interest.

KEVIN RYAN: The family's message is simple just come forward. No matter how big or how small the information is it will definitely lead somewhere.

COREY DAVIS: Brice's mom has been searching for answers since her daughter went missing on March 30. Later that day, Bryce's boyfriend's car was engulfed in flames at 59th and Florence in Kingsessing. A week later on April 5th, Brice, who was 14 weeks pregnant at the time, was found dead in a wooded area and the 5800 block of Eastwick Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia. An autopsy revealed that she had been shot to death and died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

That brings us to this past weekend. Just a couple of days ago police arrested 21-year-old Tylydiah Garnett, accusing her of crimes, including arson, criminal conspiracy, and abuse of a corpse. Do you know if they knew each other or if they had any history?

KEVIN RYAN: No there's no connection to the family I can think of. Brice leaves behind a four-year-old son as her family hopes for more answers. We do know the FBI is working with Philadelphia police as this investigation continues. Reporting here at police headquarters, Corey Davis, "Channel Six Action News".