Woman baffled by boyfriend’s reason for dumping her: ‘My ex was telling him stuff but I just didn’t know what’

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A woman can’t figure out why her boyfriend dumped her, but she suspects her ex had something to do with it.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. She was into her boyfriend until he started hanging out with her ex. Soon after, he became distant and began asking questions about her past. Then, he broke up with her.

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“I just dont get it,” she explained. “We dated for 7 months and he is by far the best boyfriend I ever had. He was so respectful, never pushy, we never had arguments, and was always the sweetest guy you could ask for. But last month he met my ex and they became friends. They started hanging out with each other a lot, I didnt like that one bit but I didnt say anything about it because I didnt want to seem like I was hiding something. After a while my boyfriend started acting distant, I kept asking him what was wrong and he wouldnt budge which was very unlike him.

“I instantly knew it had something to do with my ex, my ex was telling him stuff but I just didnt know what. One thing my boyfriend brought up was how we took it slow sexually in the beginning of our relationship, which is true, and asked me if I did that in all my other relationships and hookups? The thing is, this is the first time I have ever taken it slow with anyone because he was just so sweet and I didnt know if he would just use me for sex, plus I didnt want to lose him by having sex too early. He also asked me what my views on hookups were. But I also knew my ex told him about my past (of not ‘waiting’ at the beginning of every relationship, and about my past hookups) so I couldnt lie, so I just told him the truth.

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“We just talked about it and he didnt seem mad at all, it was so lighthearted and he was super respectful which just makes everything worse. My ex knows a lot of sexual stuff about my past that my boyfriend doesnt, I guess I never told my boyfriend because he painted an image of me in his head that I liked and I didnt want to change it by telling him about my past relationships or hookups. And then my boyfriend dumped me out of the blue, he just said ‘maybe we aren’t right for each other.’

“Idk WHY, idk what else my ex told him or if the sex thing was all it took for him to end our relationship. But the thing is I know he still likes me, when we broke up I had a breakdown and he stayed with me until I stopped crying. I asked him so many times about why we had to break up and he doesnt give me a proper answer, he just keeps saying ‘I don’t think we’re right for each other’ but I want to know WHY we arent.

“Part of me wishes that he was a piece of shit so it wouldnt hurt so bad, or if we broke up in 1 month. But now I know this guy is my soulmate and idk how I can ever get over him. He’s in my friend group so I have to see him every time we hang out. I just want him back honestly.”

Redditors didn’t feel her ex was the one to blame here.

“From the way he handled it, this was more about your present self than about your past,” a person wrote.

“Your bf had a totally different image of you in his head by your own admission. You omitted many facts about yourself,” a TikToker replied.

“Sounds like he wasn’t that into it from the gate,” another added.

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