Woman’s boyfriend sent her itemized spreadsheets of their shared expenses: ‘This is a huge red flag’

TikToker Maddy (@maddyblythe) shared the Excel spreadsheet of expenses her ex-boyfriend would send her every month, and it had TikTokers in shock!

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Maddy’s former boyfriend had a unique approach to spending money as a couple. In a recent video, Maddy explained that her boyfriend was so meticulous about splitting expenses that he sent her an extraordinarily detailed Excel spreadsheet each month. The spreadsheet detailed how much Maddy owed, down to the last cent.

The video begins with Maddy explaining that she is no longer dating the boyfriend who made the spreadsheets.

“I just want to clarify that I would not stand for this anymore,” she says. “But I definitely did for three years.”

The TikToker explains that she went back through her emails and found a typical monthly spreadsheet from her now ex-boyfriend.

Maddy shows the spreadsheet, which features multiple rows and columns, as well as sections highlighted in different colors. Its level of detail is truly impressive.

“Yeah, so he would send me about one of these a month,” Maddy explains. “As you can see, he was nice enough to color code it.”

On the spreadsheet are expenses for everything from Uber rides to pastries and alcohol.

“Then at the bottom of this, I think it got cut out, would be the totals of everything I owed,” Maddy explains.

Next, Maddy shows one of her responses to the monthly email, in which she pointed out a minor mistake in her boyfriend’s calculations.

“We had some very corporate-sounding emails back and forth,” she recalls.

“So yeah, that was what that was like,” Maddy says as the video ends.

“This is a huge red flag.”

Viewers were shocked by Maddy’s ex’s approach to their finances.

“For anyone who does not know, this is a huge red flag,” one viewer wrote.

“I could never,” commented another viewer.

Tinder’s official TikTok account even chimed in, simply writing, “I…”

Is there anything less romantic than an Excel spreadsheet?

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