Person of interest wanted in connection with body found in tarp

Police say 41-year-old Vannoy Jimenez is not charged or a suspect, but they think he knows something.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news as it's developing, and it starts, really, the story with a phone call. A woman arrived here at her house and she said she was afraid to go inside because it looked like the place had been burglarized, so she called 911. And then investigators went inside and they found, they say, a body wrapped in a tarp behind the couch. You can see some of those crime scene techs in that house right now with flashlights, taking photos, looking that main room of the house that's just beyond that front door. Now, the body was sort of tucked away according to investigators. Again, it was wrapped up behind a couch. They've not ID the person in the tarp. Right now, they say they can't touch it because they're still processing the whole scene. We also don't know at this point how the person died. But police call it, quote, "a senseless act of violence."

- Because we haven't even identified the victim yet. The way the rules are here in Harris County and in Kaufman County, we're not allowed to touch the body or whatever the body is wrapped up in. So we haven't even fully seen the complainant yet, and so until we can identify that individual forensically, or through other various avenues, we won't be able to give you too much more information on what's going on, because like I said, we really don't know yet.

- So again, back out here live. I just want to point out the fact, again, that crime scene techs have been in there. They have continued to take photos. You can see those flashbulbs going off right now as they survey the scene and document everything. We want to mention this too, even though the woman said she lived here and she was nervous about going inside, we're told by police that they don't really know who lives here. That it appears that possibly could be a squatter's situation. They're trying to figure out who owns this residence at this time. There was also a vehicle that was parked out front, they say, that was involved in a different incident. [INAUDIBLE] We asked them to expand on what that incident was, they haven't said at this point. So just a lot going on out here. We'll keep you posted as the scene develops.