Woman, Child Found Dead In River In Boonton, NJ

A woman and a child were found dead in a river in Morris County, New Jersey, on Tuesday; CBS2's Ali Bauman reports.

Video Transcript

- Now to breaking news. A woman and child found dead in a river in Morris County, New Jersey. Police are investigating. CBS2's Ali Bauman live at the scene now in Boonton. Ali.

- [? Morris, ?] police were called to the river here for reports of a young child alone in a car calling out for his mother. They later found her and another child dead in the water. Investigators searched the Rockaway River in Boonton Tuesday. Police were called to the area by West Main Street and Essex Avenue around 5:30 PM. There they found a six-year-old boy sitting in a parked car by the river calling for his mother. Police discovered footprints leading into the water, and then followed the current to a waterfall.

ROBERT CARROLL: Canvas of the area revealed that a female adult, approximately mid-30s, and a male child, approximately 11 years old were found in the water at the top of the waterfall at the river goes into. It's obviously a very sad day when children are involved in this type of situation. It's a horrible, horrible situation.

- The six-year-old child is unharmed and with police awaiting the appropriate agencies. Boonton police are working with the Morris County sheriffs and prosecutors offices to figure out what exactly happened. We're live in Morris County, New Jersey. Ali Bauman, CBS2 News.

- Ali, thank you.