Woman Claims Father Of Her Child Has Choked Her And Shot Her With A BB Gun; Father Denies It

Cassie says she was dating Jay for a year when she got pregnant at 17. She says after their son was born, that’s when things started to “get out of control.” “I realize Jay was not ready to be a dad,” Cassie says. “Me and Jay were fighting every day. He would throw things. He punched holes in walls. He has punched me in the face. He has choked me. Jay has shot me with a BB gun in the foot.” Jay denies getting physical with Cassie. Cassie says their young son has witnessed their fighting. “I worry day and night he’s going to end up thinking that it’s OK to hurt women, just like the way his father hurts women,” she says. Hear more about their relationship in the video above. And, hear why Dr. Phil says both Cassie and Jay have done damage to their son. On Thursday's episode, "'Stop My Brother’s Idiocy,'" hear what Jay says about their relationship. And, Dr. Phil and Robin tell Jay what he must do if he doesn’t want to land behind bars. Check local listings to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is Dr. Phil your only hope?

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