Woman claims she found a disturbing item in her purse before leaving a restaurant

A woman issued a warning after claiming she found an Amazon Tile tracker in her bag at the end of an evening spent at a restaurant. TikTok user @sheridanellis told the story of how she allegedly discovered the tracking device just before she left a friend's birthday party. She said that she usually doesn't carry a purse with her but decided to take one to this party because she was carrying decorations. "At the end of the night, I'm cleaning my purse out, and I find this," she said, brandishing a small, square device. "If you don't know what this is, it's a Tile". An Amazon Tile is a small tracking device that's useful for people who have trouble remembering where they put their keys, purses and so on. The Tile is useful when it comes to finding a lost purse, but it also appears to have been part of a plan to track where @sheridanellis's purse — and the woman herself — was going. There's a possibility that the Tile simply fell into her bag by mistake, but there's also a chance it could have been planted by a stranger or unidentified person to track her location. One user assured her that Tiles work with phones using Bluetooth, so there's no way for someone to track your location out of a certain range. "Weird, but not dangerous"

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