Woman Crawls Two Blocks For Help After A Romantic Rival Allegedly Lit Her On Fire

Woman Crawls Two Blocks For Help After A Romantic Rival Allegedly Lit Her On Fire
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A woman crawled two blocks to get help after her romantic rival allegedly doused her with a flammable substance and set her on fire.

Christine Weilage, 37, crawled to a Council Bluffs homeless shelter early Monday morning seeking help, the Council Bluffs Police Department said in a press release. She was covered in “severe burns,” according to police. 

“It’s not only traumatizing for her but for the individuals who saw her come running to us,” Brandy Wallar, a spokesperson for the homeless shelter, New Visions Homeless Services, told local outlet WOWT. “It’s horrific where we didn’t know if she was going to live or die.”

Weilage was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for treatment as first responders learned that she was attacked two blocks away. 

“When officer and firefighters got there, it took us a little while to realize the actual location was at her residence about two blocks away,” said Sgt. Ted Roberts with Council Bluffs Police told WOWT. 

She survived but has severe injuries. 

Police believe that Lindsy Maves, 28, "sprayed a flammable substance on Weilage and then lit her on fire,” according to police.

A witness apparently tried to put the fire out and while that was going on, Maves allegedly hit Weilage in the face with an "unknown object."

Maves was located several hours later by police and arrested. She has been booked on attempted murder, arson in the first degree and willful injury charges.

The two knew each other and WOWT reports that police believe they were fighting over a man.

It’s not clear if Maves has an attorney.

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