Woman describes surviving tornado after wind flips her car near Charleston

A South Carolina driver described to Channel 9 the moment when a tornado picked up her car and tossed it in the roadway. It happened Wednesday afternoon as Tropical Storm Idalia whipped through the Charleston area.

(Photos: Idalia sweeps through Charleston)

Malaijha Smoke told Channel 9′s Dave Faherty she is alright after being treated for minor injuries at the hospital. She said she had no idea about the tornado until someone showed her the video at the hospital. She said she never even got a warning about it on her phone.

Smoke was in Goose Creek along Highway 52 heading home Wednesday when she noticed strong winds from the storm. Then suddenly, her Honda Accord lifted off the ground, flipping along the four-lane highway. It lasted only a few seconds but it’s a moment she’ll never forget.

“I’m just thinking, I pray I make it out of this to see my family and friends again.’ And I was just terrified, that’s all I know,” Smoke said.

The 21-year-old spoke with Faherty Thursday morning, telling him she is also five months pregnant. Smoke said her first thought was about her pregnancy, but said doctors told her she and her baby boy are alright.

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Video captured the whole thing. Smoke also showed Faherty her injuries to her wrist and shoulder. She said she was able to climb out of the back window of her car. She felt someone pick her up and put her in a car until help arrived.

“When I saw the video, I was in disbelief because I didn’t know all of that had occurred -- because again I’m still in shock,” she said. “So it was definitely a shock for me to see how bad it actually was and able to walk out on that with nothing.”

Smoke said she had no idea that it was a tornado that caused the wreck.

“I just saw a bunch of leaves blowing before it happened and I’m like, ‘oh my God that’s a lot of leaves blowing’ and all of the sudden, I’m in the air,” she said.

Smoke said she’s hoping others can learn from what happened to her and the dangers a tropical storm can bring to an area, including the possibility of a tornado.

Smoke created a GoFundMe to help with costs associated with the incident. Click here to donate.

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