Woman enrages boyfriend after paying off her ex’s debt: ‘[He] has no say in how you spend your money’

A woman is wondering if she should have paid off her ex-boyfriend’s debts.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. When she was dating her ex-boyfriend, he agreed to support her while she was in school if she supported them after she got a job. But after they broke up, the latter part of the plan fell through, and her boyfriend was still in debt. She decided to pay off the money he owed, which only upset her current boyfriend.

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“I have been dating my current boyfriend for seven months,” she explained. “I dated my ex about three years ago for nine years. Things didn’t end off on bad terms. I just realized that we weren’t a good pair and never really had fun or anything anymore.

“But for the majority of our relationship, he was paying everything while I went to college, and the consensus was that I would pay for us once I landed a job. Well, when we broke up, I moved out. But I knew he was still in debt, so I felt bad.”

She decided to repay her ex for everything he did for her. But her new boyfriend didn’t agree with the decision.

“I’ve been saving a good amount of money because my job pays well,” she wrote. “I finally reached out to my ex, asking how much debt he was in all together. He told me about $13,000 (with proof), so I sent him $18,000. I sent an extra $5,000 for taking care of me.”

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“Well, I told my boyfriend about it, and he was very upset, saying I obviously still love my ex, etc. Which is very much not true. Everyone I talk to is split. Now my boyfriend is very upset and giving me the cold shoulder.”

Redditors thought the current boyfriend was out of line.

“Your boyfriend of seven months has no say in how you spend your money,” a user said.

“You made a financial plan with your ex-boyfriend, and you honored that plan even though you broke up,” another wrote.

“Your money, your obligations, your choice,” someone added.

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