Woman’s Facial Mask Nightmare!

One Washington resident found her “exfoliating” facial mask taking off more than she bargained for. Erica’s painful mask-removal video went viral and was watched by thousands.

Attorney Areva Martin wonders, “Erica, I have to ask: what made you decide to videotape trying to get the mask off? Did you know it would be so difficult to do so?”

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“No! I had no idea!” Erica says. She was chatting with her sister via Skype while applying the at-home beauty treatment, and her sister urged her to film herself looking silly in the mask. But when disaster struck on-camera, she knew she had to share the results with the world.

Erica says that she was not exaggerating about how painful the process was . “It was lifting my face off of my face!” Brian and Shane, two brave The Doctors staffers, have volunteered to try out facial marks on camera. Will they man up, or crumble under pressure?

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork reminds viewers that it’s always important to test any new treatment or product on a small patch of skin. Brian and Shane have already done their patch tests, and they slather on the goo.

Did The Doctors’ brave male volunteers end up with luxuriously pampered complexions -- or suffering face-mask agony? See the reveal below!