'Never seen anything like that in my life': Woman comes up with creative way to avoid overweight baggage fees

A woman life-hacked her way out of some overweight baggage in the most creative way.

Taylor Watson documented the incident on her phone at the airport and uploaded it to TikTok. While she was in line, she noticed a woman had overweight luggage. The woman began to take things out of her suitcase, but each thing she removed was wilder than the next.

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To make matters even more interesting, the passenger got herself out of the bind by cheating the system a little bit.

First, the woman pulled out a chicken suit to lower the weight of the luggage. Then she put it on. But it was still too heavy. Next, she took out a gorilla suit and wore that over the chicken suit.

Still too heavy. That meant putting on an avocado costume over the gorilla suit. Still too heavy.

Finally, she pulled out a giant scarf and stacked tons of hats on her head. But the baggage was still too heavy. As the workers got more frustrated, the passenger finally gave up. She stopped taking things out of her bag.

Instead, she pulled off “a brilliant idea” while an employee weighed the suitcase. She slipped her foot under the luggage to lift it.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” a passerby remarked.

Although people noticed, the worker didn’t. As Watson noted, “she gets away with it.” A cheater to some, a champion to others!

The video racked up 3.2 million videos. People on TikTok supported the passenger’s unconventional methods.

“That’s the kind of girl I would marry,” a user said.

“Why are people judging her? This is so funny. She’s awesome for not caring what people think,” another wrote.

“Ah yes, airplane logic: it’s too heavy for the plane to carry but if you pay you can break the laws of physics and make it lighter,” a TikToker commented.

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