Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight En Route To Hawaii

A pregnant woman on a flight to Hawaii had an unexpected arrival. Despite her predicament, Brian Schnee tells us she was extraordinarily lucky.

Video Transcript

- A pregnant woman along Trans Pacific flight to Hawaii. And you can probably guess where the story goes from here.

- Oh, baby decided to come early. But as reporter Brian Sneed tells us, turns out that panicked mom had some extraordinary luck.

- Did you ever expect this?

- Aughrim resident Lavi Mounga sits in a hospital room in Hawaii with her newborn son.

LAVI MOUNGA: A long name. It's Raymond Wade Kobe Love lucky.

- A lot has happened in the past few days for these two, just last week Lavi was flying from Salt Lake City to Honolulu for a vacation.

- That was super emotional. Beyonce's mom teared up. I think it's finally like so for all of us. It's been kind of crazy since that happened.

- The vacation flight to paradise turned into a trip so many will never forget.

DALE GLENN: Halfway through the flight there was an emergency call. And we've had these before. And usually, they're pretty clear. You know, is there a doctor on board? This call was not like this. This call was medical help.

- At 29 weeks along in her pregnancy, Lavi went into labor midway through the flight. Luckily for her, there just so happened to be plenty of medical expertise on board, including a family physician.

DALE GLENN: I don't know how a patient gets so lucky as to have three neonatal intensive care nurses on board the same flight when she is in emergency labor.

- Those three Kansas City NICU nurses were headed to vacation as well. By the time they reached Lavi on the plane, she had an emergency delivery and her baby was already in her hands.

DALE GLENN: I talked to the flight attendant I said, "where are we at in the flight plan?" And she says, "we're past the point of no return. You know, we can't turn around and go back to the mainland. It's too late." So we've got to head for Honolulu as fast as possible.

- For three hours, all for medical professionals on board kept the premature newborn stable. And they were able to touch ground.

DALE GLENN: As the ambulance crew came on board, and we rolled a chair over through the aisle to move mom and baby into the chair. As we moved mom, baby woke up and for the first time in 3 hours, he cried. And somebody took a video online and you can hear him crying all the way out the plane. And we were just cheering at that point. We were so excited.


- Congratulations.

- Sounds like.

- The best sound the whole world. I'm getting teared up thinking about it. Well, here's another cool part of this story. The new mom let the doctor choose part of her son's name. It was a long one.

- Did you hear the mom say it? With help from his daughter, he picked kimona that means power of the sea. I think I would have picked the Hawaiian word for stowaway.


- Yeah.