Woman goes to the ER for ‘bloating,’ discovers she’s actually 6 months pregnant

A woman on TikTok went to the hospital seeking answers for her severe bloating only to discover that she was 6 months pregnant, and viewers are flabbergasted.

TikToker Abby Pollock (@ampollo) received the surprise of her life during a trip to the ER to find out what’s been making her so bloated, and viewers are equally as shook.

The clip opens with a shot of Pollock standing next to her car in the emergency room parking lot. “Going to the ER joking I was so bloated I looked 6 months pregnant,” Pollock explains in the on-screen text over footage of her lifting her orange hoodie to reveal her protruding belly and giggling at the situation.

Without warning, the clip cuts to a shot of Pollock, hooked up to monitors while lying on an emergency room bed with the text “Actually 6 months pregnant” appearing on screen.

Looking understandably stunned, Pollock flashes a peace sign and waves to the camera before the clip ends with a sonogram picture.

Viewers were equally astonished by Pollock’s pregnancy surprise. Many had questions, while others weren’t afraid to share their thoughts on the matter.

“Imagine having only 3 months to let the reality set in that you’ll be a mom, and your life has changed forever,” one user mentioned.

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“This is my worst nightmare since I suffer from IBS. I am bloated non-stop and look extremely pregnant all the time,” shared one TikToker.

“There are SO many things that go together with a pregnancy! Never will I get how someone could miss all those things,” one viewer stated in disbelief.

“I always think of the alcohol consumption during an unknown pregnancy when I see something like this,” noted one concerned TikToker.
Based on Pollock’s other TikTok videos, it seems like she’s looking forward to becoming a mom despite the initial shock. However, the clip made for one heck of a pregnancy announcement.

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