Woman shot and killed on street, boyfriend hits suspect with car

A 52-year-old woman walking with her boyfriend in the Bronx was fatally shot Wednesday afternoon, and her boyfriend then ran down the suspect with his car.

Video Transcript

- We're following more breaking news. Police say a woman was shot to death while working at a construction site in the Bronx. And they say her boyfriend, who was with her, jumped into action, got into his car and ran down this suspect. Shannon Sonas live in NewsCopter 7 over the scene in City Island with more. Shannon, what can you tell us?

SHANNON SONAS: Yes, such a crazy scene that unfolded in the middle of the day about 12:30 this afternoon. We'll bring up Street Spotter 7. At the end of the City Island Bridge, where it joins up with City Island Avenue, they've been doing construction there for several weeks. And the 52-year-old woman who holds the sign kind of directing you through that traffic-- and is well known for it in the area because she does it in such an animated way-- she was doing that today when a 67-year-old man shot her several times, and then tried to flee on a bicycle as you mentioned.

The woman's boyfriend, 58-years-old, was watching as it all unfolded. He then jumped in his car and he ran down the shooting suspect on his bicycle. The suspect then tried to flee the scene one more time. And we've got some tape that we can show you of what this looks like from the ground. But the boyfriend managed to chase him down, beat him up, and hold him until police got there. So this story just gets more and more crazy as we even talk about it.

The shooter is now in custody at Chicopee Medical Center being treated for trauma. The 58-year-old boyfriend is now being questioned by police. The 52-year-old woman has died of her injuries. What we understand is that the three seemed to know each other, but this very unusual incident was all caught on surveillance tape.