Woman gives birth to brother's baby in bid to avoid adoption costs

Woman gives her brother and his partner the ultimate gift. [Photo: SWNS]
Woman gives her brother and his partner the ultimate gift. [Photo: SWNS]

Chapelle Cooper gave her brother has his partner the ultimate gift after volunteering to be their baby’s surrogate mother.

After learning how expensive and complicated the surrogacy process could be, the 27-year-old decided she wanted to help.

Her brother Scott Stephenson and partner Michael Smith had reservations about finding a surrogate they could trust.

Those reservations were put to one side when Chapelle made the life-changing choice to help them.

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They described having Chapelle as their surrogate as a “dream come true” and were “blown away” by her offer.

Harper Elizabeth Smith was delivered 15 days early and weighed five pounds eight ounces.

Chapelle’s egg was used with Michael’s sperm, which makes her both the mother and the aunt of their baby.

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“We found ourselves really protective of her throughout the pregnancy.” Michael said.

The pair, who are self-confessed “control freaks by nature” said they set clear ground rules from the start and didn’t control what Chapelle ate.

They had been looking into adoption for three years before Chapelle offered to be a surrogate.

Chapelle will be a “big part of Harper’s life” but will do so as an auntie and not as a mother. The couple have already decided they will tell Harper the truth when she’s old enough.

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“I don’t think I could’ve done it if I’d never seen her again which made it a lot easier.” Chapelle admitted.

Her brother was quick to gush about his “selfless” sister: “Who can say they’ve done that for somebody else. It’s the most selfless and amazing gift.”

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