Woman in hazmat suit leaves 3 buckets of human waste at police station, Texas cops say

A woman accused of leaving multiple buckets of human waste outside of a police station in Texas has been charged.

An officer at the Electra Police Department noticed “someone putting something outside” the police station at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 10, according to a warrant and arrest affidavit filed with the Wichita County Court on Thursday, Dec. 1.

The officer went outside and found three five-gallon buckets of “what appeared to be human waste,” the affidavit said. A woman in an “all-white hazmat suit with a yellow mask” was walking back to her vehicle.

When asked what she was doing, the woman told the officer that “the buckets were human [waste] and she was dropping them off,” the affidavit said. She got in her vehicle and drove away.

She left 15 gallons of human waste that weighed 50 pounds, the affidavit said.

Officers recognized the woman as the Electra assistant fire chief’s wife, the affidavit said. They contacted city administrators with the fire department.

The woman called the city administrator and refused to pick up the buckets, saying “it was not her problem,” the affidavit said. The city administrator sent a wastewater employee to pick up the buckets.

McClatchy News tried reaching out to the Electra Fire Department and did not receive a response.

The woman has been charged with illegal dumping, a violation of the Texas Health Safety code and a Class B misdemeanor, the affidavit said. A warrant was issued for her arrest on Nov. 14.

The woman was arrested on Dec. 1, the warrant showed. She was booked into the Wichita County Jail and posted a $2,000 bond on Friday, Dec. 2, jail records show.

Electra is about 145 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

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