Woman hides in hallway to survive tornado

A deadly twister damaged homes and businesses near Carthage, Texas, on March 27. One woman says she survived by hiding in an interior hallway of her home.

Video Transcript

BILL WADELL: A mobile home ripped apart by a tornado. Storms that tore through East Texas, claiming the life of a woman who lived inside. The fire department down the road losing part of a wall in the storm.

BONNIE CLAKLEY: About three seconds.

BILL WADELL: Bonnie Clakley says that's all the time she had to take cover. A friend called her cell phone, warning her that a tornado was heading right toward her home here outside Carthage Texas.

BONNIE CLAKLEY: I was standing right here.

BILL WADELL: Bonnie put her back against the wall as the storm ripped off parts of her roof.

BONNIE CLAKLEY: I was praying, "Lord, Lord, Lord." And where I was standing nothing was touched. I was blessed.

BILL WADELL: The decision to hide in a hallway paid off. She thought about taking shelter in a bathtub, but the roof on that side of the house was blown away.

BONNIE CLAKLEY: I had a beauty shop. It's completely gone. My chairs is out in the pasture.

BILL WADELL: Keepsakes are still scattered in a field. Her neighbor's mobile home was leveled.

BONNIE CLAKLEY: Well, I'm feeling lucky that I'm here.

BILL WADELL: Bonnie says she's grateful she made it through the storm, and she'll be keeping a closer eye on the sky.

BONNIE CLAKLEY: It never happens right through here, and I don't pay any attention. I will from now on.

BILL WADELL: For AccuWeather, I'm Bill Waddell.