Woman hospitalized after fire stemming from car crash in SW Fresno

Fire crews found a woman engulfed in flames. They were able to put out the fire and remove her from the building.

Video Transcript

- Shortly after 2:30 PM we received a report of a traffic collision of a vehicle into a building. Officers arrived and they did locate a vehicle inside the building located right here just south of California on Walnut. Fire arrived. There was a fire inside the building. And as officers were arriving, Fire was able to start extinguishing the fire. They were able to locate one person inside the building. We do not know if the person inside the building was a driver or an occupant of the vehicle.

The person was engulfed in flames at the time that the firefighters arrived. They extinguished the fire and were able to extract her from the building and she is currently at CRMS. Her status right now is unknown. She is being treated, but when she left her she was alive, so we're all hoping for the best.