Woman killed by machine gun fire while trying to cross Dnipro on a boat in Kherson

In Kherson Oblast, a woman was killed by machine gunfire while crossing the Dnipro river with her husband on the way from their cottage.

Source: Kherson City Council 

Quote: "On 4 December, a 65-year old woman was wounded by machine gunfire while trying to cross Dnipro river on the way from their cottage in Holoprystanskyi region.

Unfortunately, the woman did not survive, as reported by the Department of Civil Protection of the City Council of Kherson.

The man did not suffer any injuries."

Background: Earlier on Sunday, 4 December the Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration, Yaroslav Yanushevych, reported that it is possible to cross the Dnipro river in the daytime until 5 December at the River station site to reach Kherson.

"Kherson residents, who remain in their cottages on the left side of Dnipro can return to Kherson on their own boats", he wrote.

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