Woman Killed, Man Critically Injured In Staten Island Hit-And-Run

A woman is dead following a hit-and-run crash on Staten Island.

Video Transcript

- A woman is dead following a hit and run crash on Staten Island and this crash was caught on camera. Investigators say the driver of a Honda Accord sped through a stop sign on Elson Street Tuesday night and then crashed into a Mercedes.

Police say the driver of the Honda then ran off. A woman sitting in the passenger seat of the Mercedes, 68-year-old Kausar Akhund did not survive. The driver, a 70-year-old man, is in critical condition.

- Very quiet, respectable people. The whole neighborhood liked them.

- Surreal. I mean, you move in less than a year ago and then someone ends up dying in your front lawn. It's wild.

- The police say the Honda was stolen from Hackensack, New Jersey earlier this month.