Woman left shirtless after working crowd control at OU football game

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) — An Oklahoma woman said she wants an apology because she was left with no other option than to leave OU’s stadium without a shirt, only a bra, after working crowd control at the football game.

“I’m still shaken up about it,” said Tana Carter.

During OU’s season opener on Saturday, Tana Carter was working crowd control for Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC). Carter said she volunteered through her church’s program, but had a much more personal reason for being at the game.

“My son, God rest his soul, he loved OU,” said Carter. “I was doing that in remembrance of him.”

Carter said she was told to show up to the game in black pants and shirt.

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“But when I get there, they say they have t-shirts,” said Carter. “It was too many layers for me.”

Carter threw away her black shirt, then had a blast working the crowd.

“We were just having a good time,” said Carter.

That good time was crushed, when Carter said the CSC told her to give the shirt back.

“I said ‘Oh, but I don’t have a shirt to wear.’ He said, ‘Well, where’s your shirt?’ I told him, ‘I threw it away,'” said Carter. “He was so dogmatic about it. I took the shirt off, I gave it to him.”

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Carter left the stadium in only her shoes, pants, and bra. Then, she took a shuttle to her car, feeling the stares aimed at her.

“This woman, lady, who was on the bus, gave me her Aggies t-shirt. But, it was toward the end,” said Carter. “A lot of people were saying ‘well you threw your shirt away.’ Yes I did. But I think in management, I think there should’ve been a ‘plan B.'”

News 4’s contacted CSC’s Oklahoma branch multiple times. The manager told News 4 he sent our request to the corporations legal team. News 4 also called them, left two messages, in addition to an email. We did not hear back.

It is important to note, this does not involve the University of Oklahoma. News 4 also reached out to OU officials who directed us to CSC.

“I just wish, like, CSC would give me an apology,” said Carter.

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