The woman who lost her job over her transgender views

Maya Forstater lost her job after expressing views on trans people. She's appealing an employment tribunal case that she also lost.

Video Transcript

MAYA FORSTATER: The reality is there are two sexes. Girls grow up to be women. Boys grow up to be men.


Sex matters, and sex matters for health care. Sex matters for other people's privacy. It matters for how we understand the world. And it matters in organizations. If you can't talk about reality without being scared about your job, then the-- the very basis of organizations is-- is kind of corroded and corrupted away.


Some people have read that judgment and thought that it meant that I harassed somebody at work. The judgment doesn't say that, but it's quite easy to get that impression from it. So if the belief is protected, that doesn't mean-- that doesn't give you the ability to harass or abuse anybody.

BOBBI PICKARD: The tweets that she was sending are unacceptable to me personally. They're deeply offensive to me personally. Trans people in this country are being vilified for something that's a natural hormonal development of the brain in the womb.

MAYA FORSTATER: If I lose, and this is not a protected belief, then it's open season for women in particular but for anybody who speaks up about women's sex-based rights. Employers have to be able to think these things through. And we have to be able to talk about them.

BOBBI PICKARD: If a person obtains a gender recognition certificate, they should have the full protection of the law in exactly the same way that we'd expect anyone else to have the full protection of the law. If we undermine that, then that fundamentally undermines protections for all trans people in the UK.