Woman pardoned after 20 years for her children's deaths

STORY: A woman, imprisoned for 20 years over the deaths of her four children, was pardoned by New South Wales state on Monday (June 5).

It came after a judicial review found there was reasonable doubt about the original convictions.

Kathleen Megan Folbigg was convicted in 2003 for the murder of three of her children and the manslaughter of her fourth.

She maintained her innocence and said the children died of natural causes.

In 2022, an inquiry led by former chief justice Thomas Bathurst revisited her convictions after new evidence emerged.

As stated here by New South Wales state Attorney General Michael Daley, there was reasonable possibility three of the children died of natural causes - two due to a genetic mutation and one because of an underlying neurogenic disorder.

Such doubts undermined the Crown's case regarding the manslaughter of her fourth child.

Daley pardoned Folbigg on Monday.

"I am grateful as well and I think all citizens should be, that the review provisions are available in New South Wales to ensure that where circumstances arise, like these ones, justice can be ultimately done even if it takes a long time. This has been a terrible ordeal for everyone concerned and I hope that our actions today can put some closure on this 20 year old matter."