Woman pleads guilty to robbing bank for plastic surgery money

<p>Iconic Facce has plead guilty to two charges of robbery</p> (Gulfort Police)

Iconic Facce has plead guilty to two charges of robbery

(Gulfort Police)

An Alabama District Attorney has said that a woman pleaded guilty to two charges of robbery, apparently to pay for plastic surgery.

The charges related to an incident at a branch of BancorpSouth bank in Gulfport over two years. The trial was expected to start next month but Iconic Facce, the defendant, asked her lawyer to offer a guilty plea on her behalf before it started.

This lead to Judge Randi Peresich Mueller sentencing Facce to 15 years for each charge, which will be served simultaneously.

“We commended the Gulfport Police Department and their steadfast work in identifying, locating and apprehending this defendant,” said District Attorney Crosby Parker.

The police were called out following a call from a local BancorpSouth on Cowan Road on 22 March 2019. Police were told by those who worked there that Facce had come into the bank and approached a teller’s desk.

Facce then gave them a threatening note, demanding they give her money. They followed the threat and then prompted their colleague to do it as well.

Footage of the theft was filmed on the bank’s security cameras and images were published by news outlets, alongside calls for help in figuring out who the suspect was.

Police got reports of a deserted car near the bank and a person, who matched their impression of the suspect, witnessed walking away from it.

The owner of the stranded Cadallic was discovered to be Facce, who lived in Ashford, Alabama.

Facce was eventually arrested eight days after the robbery on 30 March 2019 at Houston International Airport as she was trying to fly to Mexico.

She previously served 51 months after being found guilty of another robbery in January 2019.