Woman pleads not guilty in attempted drowning case

Dec. 10—A Dobbins woman accused of attempting to drown her four-year-old child pleaded not guilty on Thursday to various charges including attempted murder.

The charges against Taylor Delaine Green, 31, include attempted murder premeditated, resisting arrest/threatening an officer, attempt to remove/take a firearm from a peace officer, and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, according to court documents.

She appeared Thursday in Yuba County Superior Court before Judge Debra L. Givens. Green's attorney is listed as Mani Sidhu, according to court documents. She faces life in prison if convicted on all charges, said Yuba County District Attorney Clinton Curry.

Charges against Green stem from an incident on Monday in which a Yuba-Sutter California Highway Patrol officer responded to a call of a vehicle blocking Woodruff Lane. According to the CHP, an officer arrived at the scene and found a 2005 white Dodge Caravan blocking the road.

As the officer checked on the vehicle, he said he heard screaming from about 100 yards to the west near an irrigation canal. The officer then allegedly found Green in weeds adjacent to the canal, the Appeal previously reported. The officer said Green was acting irrational and appeared to possibly be under the influence of a controlled substance.

As the officer approached Green, he saw that she was holding her son, 4, face down and smothering him in the muddy embankment, the CHP said. The officer said as he reached for the child, Green completely submerged herself and her son in approximately 5 feet of water. At that point, the officer then jumped into the canal and was able to free the child, the CHP said.

The officer said Green fought with him and was trying to pull both him and the child back under the water. According to the CHP, the officer fought with Green for several minutes while holding her son in his other hand. The officer said Green then tried to take his gun several times while she continued to violently resist the officer's actions.

Later, a Yuba County Sheriff's Office sergeant arrived and the officer initially involved was able to give the child to the sergeant as he continued to fight with Green, the CHP said.

As of late Thursday, Green was in custody in Yuba County Jail with bail set at $500,000.