Woman pretends to break up with Hinge match, gets first date: ‘That’s the fastest I’ve ever been asked out on here’

A woman on TikTok used a different approach on Hinge and may have started a new trend to break the ice with matches.

Instead of using a standard icebreaker, Joy Blea (@Joy_blea) decided to text her Hinge date as if she were breaking up with him.

“I saw this boy that decided to break up with boys instead of do the quick, ‘Hey, how are you?’ kind of message,” she said. “And I thought I’d give that a try.”

She then proceeded to break up with her new match, Christopher.

“Hey Christopher, I hope you are doing well. I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship and I think it’s best if we part ways,” Blea said in her text. “I know that we wanted to build a life and a future together, but unfortunately given the circumstances, I can’t make that commitment right now.”

Christopher, her match, played right along.

“Hey joy I’m sorry I [couldn’t] be the one for you but what am I supposed to say to my mom she couldn’t wait to meet you,” he wrote back.

The comment section was infatuated with the banter from both sides.

“You passed the talking phase in less than 5 messages,” said @liloandstitch_chis.

“Both you and Christopher definitely pass the vibe check,” said @katenby0.

The two continued with the exchange for a few more messages before agreeing to go on a coffee date.

“That’s the fastest I’ve ever been asked out on here,” Blea said.

While she posted a follow-up video, the post showed her getting ready for the date instead of returning from it. Still, viewers are ready to keep up with the story.

“I am so invested,” said @_claugasm in the follow-up video. “I feel like this is your husband.”

Her strategy to begin the conversation is an interesting one, and people in the comments had questions — asking if she believes the tactic works and if the minimal vetting is a good idea.

“It definitely works to get a date,” Blea said. “If you are doing something chill that acts as the vetting process instead of excessive messaging, it’s great!”

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