Woman pulled over by fake cop called 911 after noticing a minor detail, TX police say

A fake police officer pulled over a Baylor University student along Interstate 35 on April 1 — but she wasn’t fooled for long, police told news outlets.

She was just outside the town of Abbott, about 50 miles south of Fort Worth, when red, white and blue lights started flashing from an unmarked Chevrolet Suburban driving behind her, the Lacy Lakeview Police Department said in a social media post.

She was going well under the speed limit, she told TV station KCEN, but thought she might be getting stopped because of expired tags.

A man stepped out of the SUV wearing a cowboy hat and a gun, according to police.

When he walked up to the student’s window and presented his badge, she noticed there was no badge number, the police post read.

Her suspicions only mounted from there.

He didn’t have a bulletproof vest on or a typical police uniform, she told KCEN. He didn’t quite look the part, and his behavior was similarly mismatched.

“He asked for my license and my registration and I told him that I wasn’t really comfortable,” she said. “It was kind of just the whole situation seemed very off, he seemed kind of frantic.”

She decided to call 911, who told her there were no officers in the area performing any traffic stops, according to the LLPD post.

At that point, the situation escalated.

“The young woman reported that the male began screaming at her to get out of the car when she refused to roll down her window,” the post read.

He finally left after she told him she had called 911. He got back into his SUV and sped away.

Police are searching for the man and advise anyone with information to call the Hill County Sheriff’s Office at 254-582-5313.

The Baylor student’s experience is a good example of what to do in such situations, police said.

“We do perform traffic stops regularly and want you to know that at any time you feel unsafe or question the validity of the officer that is approaching your vehicle, we encourage you to call 911,” the post read.

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