Woman rearranges entire house for earless dog's bizarre habit

Woman rearranges house for her earless dog's bizarre habit

Video Transcript

- Because Oscar had such a long list of medical issues and was very shut down, the shelter put him on the euthanasia list. Hello, everybody. Bullied Breeds Rescue saw him and went to go check him out to see if they could help him. What a good boy.

We adopted Oscar about a year ago from Bullied Breeds Rescue. The rescue found him at a local animal control. And the animal control officer had found him abandoned and in really rough shape. His whole body was badly infected and his ears had been previously cropped.

His eyes were all crusted shut. And he was limping quite badly when the rescue met him. So they took a chance and spent some time nursing him back to health.

Along the way, we found out that the ear infection was going to be pretty incurable. So the way that we dealt with that is we opted for a total ear ablation surgery. So that means Oscar had all parts of his ears inside and out taken out. And this has left him pretty much totally deaf. It doesn't get him down though.

He's still very much is fully involved in everything we're doing. He lives here now with us and a pittie sister named Ramona who was also a rescue, as well as a cat named Sprite, who we adopted about a year before Oscar. Oh OK. And one of his favorite things to do is something that we have dubbed slothing.

So his foster actually noticed this very strange and peculiar thing that he does where he really enjoys when things tickle or graze over his face and his back. And he'll go really, really, really, really slow through it and just soak up all the good vibes. So we've let them really indulge in this.

We've set up slothing posts around the house, which are a little tassels and yarn hanging from dowels to a rack outside that we've hung up leaves to let him do his slothing under as well as planting a whole garden for him to be able to sloth through. He lives a very full life with us.

He's such a happy, jolly, sassy little boy. His nicknames that we've come up with is the ham because he very much is a little ham cartoon. We love him so much.

And he's completed our family in every way, shape, and form. His two sisters Ramona and Sprite love him as well. And we just can't even fathom having him not in our lives.

We thank every day that Bullied Breeds took a chance on him and allowed us to adopt him and bring him into our home and our hearts.