Woman recalls traumatic dog attack caught on camera

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A woman is lucky to be alive and is now sharing her story after being viciously attacked by dogs just days before Christmas.

Amparo Geimausaddle said she was walking through her neighborhood, headed to pay a bill, when she came face to face with a pack of dogs near Southeast 49th and Lindsay Avenue.

Woman attacked by dogs days before Christmas

“They all turned and looked at me and they started running up to me,” said Geimausaddle.

In doorbell camera video, you can hear Geimausaddle screaming for help as she’s mauled by a pack of dogs.

She tried to fight them off.

“What made me fight was for my kids,” said Geimausaddle. “All I could think of is just to get them off of me.”

Finally, a neighbor came to help.

“The authorities came and I was in the state of shock,” she explained.

Three dogs in quarantine after woman hospitalized from vicious attack

Geimausaddle said she loves to walk and always sees dogs in her neighborhood, but never expected this.

“They wouldn’t really do much, but this time they did,” said Geimausaddle. “I walk every day, It’s my normal thing, It’s like my therapy.”

Geimausaddle’s injuries include a tear to a main artery in her arm, and a chunk taken out of her ankle.

She’ll need a skin graft soon and there’s no telling when she’ll leave the hospital.

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In the meantime, she’s hoping for change.

“For the animal welfare to respond when there is a call in need, especially if they’ve been notified three times by me about loose dogs around the neighborhood,” said Geimausaddle.

Animal welfare confirms it picked up the dogs and they were quarantined for ten days and had no sign of rabies.

The owners never came forward so the dogs will soon be put down.

With Geimausaddle’s household income down to one, and two children to take care of, she’s worried about finances. If you would like to contribute to the GoFundMe, CLICK HERE.

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