Woman refuses to watch best friend’s 6-year-old son: ‘She can get a babysitter’

A woman doesn’t want to watch her best friend’s son for three weeks.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her best friend lives with family members who help watch her 6-year-old son. When those family members had to leave the country for three weeks, she asked the Reddit poster to watch him every night.

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“My best friend lives with her mom/dad and aunt. And she works night shifts at a hospital. Anyways her family is leaving town to go to another country for 3 weeks and she messaged me and asked if I can watch her son while she works from 7pm-6am. She asked if I can sleep at her house while she works,” the Reddit poster wrote.

The issue is that the Reddit poster works mornings and doesn’t want the responsibility of watching someone else’s child.

“Anyways, I texted her and I let her know that I don’t feel comfortable watching him and that I work/ have a life as well,” the Reddit poster said. “She had the audacity to text me that it’s only nights and that she will be home at 6am. She said all I have to do is be there so he’s not alone.”

Redditors didn’t think she was obligated to babysit.

“It was fine that she asked, but once you said no, that should’ve been the end of the conversation,” a person wrote.

“Failure to plan for situations like this on her part does not constitute an emergency on your part,” someone commented.

“She can get a babysitter,” another added.

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