Woman reveals hilarious ‘exit survey’ she sent to date who ghosted her

A woman has revealed the hilarious “exit survey” that she sent to a date who stopped talking to her without explanation, also known as ghosting.

In a recent video posted to TikTok last month, Stef, @stefdag explained that she “recently got ghosted” by a man “she didn’t even like.” She joked that the experience was “devastating” before sharing the “ghosting exit survey” that she emailed to the man to fill out.

She then shared a screenshot of the document, showing off the first question on the survey which asked the man to “please provide a one to two sentence example of why” he ghosted her. Stef also included some amusing answers to the question.

For the second question, Stef continued: “Please circle if I am cute, hot, sexy, or pretty (can and must circle all four)”

Her third question acted as a cheeky response to the second question, asking: “Please explain why you did not write in ‘smart’ for that last question. That’s really misogynistic.”

For the fourth question, she asked her date to write down some personal information.

“Please provide the names, emails, and phone numbers of at least two of your exes and birth mother,” she continued. “And that’s just like, so I can start a group chat.”

Stef, who is a comedian, continued the bit with her final question in the survey where she asked her date how he was going to “compensate” after ghosting her.

Two of the forms of compensation she jokingly included were to send her “various passwords for streaming services and [his] social security number” and to “buy [her] mom a condo in Florida with a pool”. She said that the third way that her date could compensate was by “making [her his] muse and dedicating [his] life to winning [her] back”.

She joked about the ways that her date could get her back, adding: “That can be anything from using my voicemails as a rap song, cutting your ear off and sending it to be, publicly referring to me as the one that got away, I don’t know. Or just describing me as thin in a novel, I don’t know.

Stef concluded her video with a screenshot of the email she sent to her date, along with a Google doc link to the survey, the email read: “Hey from the girl u ghosted who doesn’t even like u.”

She offered the survey to her viewers in the caption, which read: “[Let me know] if you want the pdf.”

As of 1 February, the video has more than 443,000 views, with TikTok users in the comments praising the survey and asking Stef for the link to it.

“I would like the pdf plz,” one wrote, while another added: “Iconic.”

A third said: “Oh my God this is possibly the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, did you get a reply?”

In response, Stef noted that she did not receive a reply from her date and joked that she “can’t imagine why”.

Other viewers also shared their experiences when calling someone they dated out for ghosting them.

“I made a google survey and sent it to them all and it brings me so much joy,” one wrote.

“I got him to start talking to me again, gonna make him fall in love and then ghost him back,” another claimed.

“A boy ghosted me and around Halloween I asked if it was seasonally appropriate to ask him why he ghosted,” a third said.

The Independent has contacted Stef for comment.