Women, Tell Us Which "Rules" You've Had To Follow Just To Stay Safe In Public

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Many women have to take extra precautions just to stay safe when they're out — and honestly, it's a sad and frustrating reality.

A woman stands alone in a busy city surrounded by people
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So, as a woman, what "rules" do you have to follow in order to feel safer in public?

A woman sits alone waiting for a bus
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Maybe you've had to be extra careful and avoid all eye contact just to try to avoid being catcalled or being approached by a stranger.

A woman walks on the street with groceries
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Or maybe you've had to pretend you're on the phone with someone — or on the way to see a friend — when you're in an Uber.

A woman checks her phone while riding in a car
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Perhaps you've learned to never leave your drink — or other items like your purse, phone, or keys — unattended.

A woman sits at a bar with wine and her phone
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Or perhaps you take out your car keys BEFORE even leaving a building — just in case you need them for self-defense and so you're not distracted while looking for them.

A woman unlocks her car with a key
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In the comments below, share which "rules" you've had to follow just to keep safe as a woman — and WHY — for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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