Woman Says LAPD Officers Gave Her Concussion During Echo Park Protests

A bystander said she was knocked to the ground by Los Angeles Police Department officers during a massive protest in Echo Park Thursday night, that led to 182 arrests, over the removal of a large-scale homeless encampment in the area.

Video Transcript

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Now at 4:00, a woman says she was badly injured and hospitalized all because of the commotion surrounding the Echo Park homeless sweep. Good afternoon, everybody. I'm Juan Fernandez.

SUZIE SUH: Hi, everyone. I'm Suzie Suh. This is KCAL 9 News at 4:00, and we're streaming on CBSN Los Angeles. More fallout today following the controversial cleanup of Echo Park after violent protests erupted when the LAPD swept out a homeless encampment there.

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Well, now, an Echo Park resident says she was badly hurt, but it wasn't protesters who hit her. She claims it was the LAPD. KCAL 9's Hermela Aregawi has details.

BECCA STANDT: It was terrifying, like I had no idea what was happening. It happened so quickly.

HERMELA AREGAWI: Becca Standt says, she lives near this alleyway around Echo Park Lake and was watching these protesters and police on Lemoyne Street last week when a group of officers came rushing from the other side of the alley and knocked her to the ground.

BECCA STANDT: And I fell back and smacked my head on the concrete, and then I just couldn't hear anything. And everything just went super blurry.

HERMELA AREGAWI: The 21-year-old says it happened around 8:30 in the evening. A friend took her to urgent care shortly after, but it was closed. Standt's was back in the ER at two o'clock the next morning after vomiting and found out she had a concussion,

ZARINAH WILLIAMS: I saw her go flying. I saw people knocked out of their shoes, people's belongings scattered everywhere. That's how quickly it happened.

HERMELA AREGAWI: Echo Park neighborhood Council President Zarinah Williams was in the group of protesters. She says she was actually arrested that night. Williams says, she saw Standt, who was at the edge of this alley and not in the protest, go flying in the air.

ZARINAH WILLIAMS: Luckily, someone, a man, had picked her up, like she was a doll, and put his arm around her, and carried her to safety. And that was distinct for me, because her flying-- her truly flying forward was what got all of our attention to see what was coming behind her.

HERMELA AREGAWI: We reached out to LAPD, and they tell us they are aware of the incident and that there is a complaint investigation. In Echo Park, Hermela Aregawi, KCAL 9 News.

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