Woman Sends Easter Care Package To Her Daughter In 2-Day Priority Mail, But It Was Bouncing Around Suburban Sites 10 Days Later

We keep uncovering postal problems, so this time we decided to track the suburban woman's care package for her daughter. CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas found out that for some reason, the package has been bouncing back and forth between several suburban locations for days.

Video Transcript

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- This morning we're hearing more about problems with the Postal Service. One woman paid for two-day priority shipping to go to Minnesota, but it took 10 days for the package just to leave Illinois.

- So this time we decided to track a suburban woman's care package for her daughter. Morning Insider Tim McNicholas found it's for some reason been bouncing back and forth between several suburban locations for days.

MARILYN ENSTROM: I was going to send her a care package.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: Marilyn Enstrom wanted to send her daughter an Easter basket, a chocolate bunny, candy filled eggs, 40 bucks in quarters for the laundry at her Minneapolis College, all mailed from this Carol Stream post office in late March.

MARILYN ENSTROM: I know the mail is a little delayed, so I figured that gave it a whole week until Saturday was her birthday to get it there.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: To be sure, she went with two-day priority shipping. But the tracking info shows it didn't take the same route as the Easter Bunny. The package went to Elk Grove Village, then Palatine, up to spring Grove, back down to Elk Grove Village, back to Palatine, and back to Elk Grove Village again.

MARILYN ENSTROM: When I inquired as to what was wrong with it, why it wasn't going where it needed to go, I was told that they can't get workers at that facility. So the mail is just piling up.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: After we reached out to the Postal Service, they suddenly said they found the package. And now it's on its way to Minnesota.

MARILYN ENSTROM: If you're going to charge for a two-day package, either get it there in two days or say, you know what, we can't do that right now. You're not going to be able to do two-day packages.

TIM MCNICHOLAS: Marilyn's daughter might be celebrating Easter a little late this year. Tim McNicholas, CBS 2 News.

- In the past, the Postal Service blamed service issues on staffing shortages, and, in fact, went on a hiring spree. A spokesperson insists these facilities have enough employees. So why did the package bounce from suburb to suburb until we got involved? That same spokesperson tells us they have no idea. For more stories like this one, download our new app and look for the section called Morning Insiders.