Woman sentenced for slugging trooper

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Alexis Lutz likes to fight. The 20-year-old Hillsdale resident was told by a judge that "unless you can control yourself, you likely will go to prison.”

Branch County Circuit Court Judge Bill O’Grady sentenced Lutz to two years probation, after a year in the Branch County jail, for striking Michigan State Police trooper Zoe Feighner in the face with her fist March 29.

Feighner had arrived in Quincy to help village officer Erin Hamilton with the unruly woman. Lutz asked to retrieve a vape from her purse. When Feighner touched it, Lutz swung her right arm around and hit the trooper under her left eye.

Feighner used a defensive tactic to put Lutz on the ground and get handcuffs onto her.

Lutz admitted in court that she has prior assaults on police with three convictions in Hillsdale County in 2020. Lutz also said she fights all the time in the streets for money.

That night, Lutz told the judge, “I was high as a kite. I was acting crazy, in and out of places.”

Defense attorney John Vincent said Lutz has had "significant psychological issues" in her life.

"It was a tough 20 years.”

Lutz denied having a mental problem.

Prosecutor Zack Stempien called the attack “unprovoked.”

Lutz claimed it was because the officer "touched my purse.”

Lutz must complete service at Twin Counties Probation Center as part of her probation.


This article originally appeared on The Daily Reporter: Lutz sentenced for slugging trooper

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