Woman sentenced for tasing herself and two children in Augusta

Jan. 31—EAU CLAIRE — An Augusta woman has the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction for tasing herself and two children, ages 6 and 9, at an Augusta residence.

Stacie K. Revord, 31, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Eau Claire County Court to a felony count of intentionally causing bodily harm by physical abuse of a child.

A second count of the same charge and three misdemeanor counts of obstructing an officer were dismissed but considered at sentencing by Judge Emily Long.

As part of a two-year deferred agreement with prosecutors, the felony count will be dismissed if Revord pays a $300 fine, commits no new crimes, performs 80 hours of community service, maintains absolute sobriety, and complies with all conditions of the Eau Claire County Department of Human Services.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police were called after the 9-year-old boy told one of his teachers at Augusta Elementary School that he was at his babysitter's house in Augusta when Revord used a flashlight/stun gun on him on April 10.

A child who lives at the house received the flashlight/stun gun from his father. Revord got a hold of the stun gun and unexpectedly used it on the 9-year-old boy's thigh.

The boy said Revord had first used the stun gun on her own 6-year-old son and then used it on herself on her upper thigh.

The boy said the younger boy cried when Revord used it on him. The boy rated the pain from the stun gun as an eight out of 10, and that the pain lingered for five minutes.

Revord told police she accidentally shocked the 9-year-old boy with the stun gun after trying to grab it from his hands, and in the process of doing that, she also shocked herself.

All the involved parties were then interviewed by police and a social worker.

The child who got the flashlight/taser from his father said he brought it into his mother's residence.

The child said he saw Revord tase herself and the 9-year-old boy, but did not see her tase her own son.

The 9-year-old said Revord tased him and her son on the side of their legs. She then tased herself. When Revord realized how much it hurt, she apologized to both boys.

Revord said the 9-year-old got tased when he tried taking the taser from her hand.

Revord said it was unclear exactly how that happened because she had been drinking. She denied tasing her own son. She admitted tasing herself.

The social worker pointed out that it was clear Revord coached the children on what to say about the incident. But Revord denied having any conversations with the children about this incident.