Woman Severely Injured By Drunk Driver Reunites With Those Who Saved Her

A South Florida woman was struck by a drunk driver last November reunited with those who saved her life.

Video Transcript

- --back. New at 6:00, Miami-Dade Fire Department honors a Good Samaritan who comes to a young woman's rescue. His quick thinking saved her life after she was hit by a drunk driver. CBS 4's Dave Warren has the story.

DAVE WARREN: This gathering of EMS personnel, doctors, nurses, Friday morning is actually a reunion. That's Alba Alonso. She was hit by a drunk driver last November resulting in serious injuries and an amputated leg. Before the fire rescue personnel arrived, she was helped by this man.

JASON ROZO: Her luck was across the street there was a Good Samaritan, Jorge, who decided to cross over when he heard the accident and render aid.

DAVE WARREN: This is Jorge. He rushed to the accident and applied a tourniquet before the EMS personnel arrived.

W.L. WILLIAMS: They were able to continue administering emergency medical care, and that gave her a fighting chance.

DAVE WARREN: She continued to fight at Kendall Regional Medical Center. Friday, she had a chance to meet all of those that helped her along the way.

ALBA ALONSO: I feel very blessed to have gotten this opportunity to have everybody here.

DAVE WARREN: This was also the first time she was able to see Jorge.

ALBA ALONSO: George saved my life. He didn't know me.

DAVE WARREN: It was a selfless act. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue honored him.

It was a chance for her and her family to show the appreciation to everyone who helped her, from immediately after the accident to the completion of her recovery.

MICHAEL RENDA: Alba and George give us all hope that there's an abundance of strength, goodwill, and love in our community.

DAVE WARREN: Strength and goodwill that was acknowledged Friday morning. It was a very touching and emotional moment for her and all of those who helped her, from immediately right after the accident to all the doctors and nurses who helped her throughout her recovery. In Miami-Dade, I'm Dave Warren for CBS 4 News.