Woman Shot In Chest While Driving, Gunfire Came From Passing Van In Auburn Gresham

As bullets started flying, a woman was shot in the chest while behind the wheel--the gunfire coming from a van that had just cut her off. CBS 2's Tara Molina reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Good afternoon, I'm Brad Edwards.

IRIKA SARGENT: And I'm Irika Sargent. We begin with Breaking News. Bullets fly at a busy Chicago intersection. A woman driving was shot.

BRAD EDWARDS: CBS 2's Tara Molina live at the scene in Auburn Gresham where-- what she's learned, Tara.

TARA MOLINA: Brad and Erica, she was shot in the chest while behind the wheel. Those shots fired from a van that had just cut her off. That woman rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

- Roll an ambulance. We got a female shot in the chest.

TARA MOLINA: Rushed to Christ Hospital in serious but stable condition, The 40-year-old woman's driver's side window tells the story. Almost completely broken out from the shots fired her way.

- 87th and Racine. 87th and Racine. We have a female shot.

TARA MOLINA: It's just part of the aftermath of the shooting here on 87th, where we know that woman was driving Eastbound when a silver minivan cut her off, then fired at her hitting her in the chest.

- It was a, uh, road rage incident. Road rage.

TARA MOLINA: We asked Chicago police about that. Was the shooting a road rage incident, was it targeted? They won't say. We do know no one is in custody with no details from investigators on the shooter or the silver minivan the shooter was in. No name released for the woman currently at Christ Hospital, but police did say a bullet was recovered on the driver's side door from the gun used in the shooting. We checked in with the beauty supply store and gas station, both blocked off by police at one point today. Neither had any information on what happened.

Area Two detectives are investigating this right now. Again, we continue to check in on this no one in custody, no description of that shooter right now, but we will continue to check back and bring you the very latest. Reporting live in Auburn Gresham, I'm Tara Molina, CBS 2 News.