Woman shot and killed on street, boyfriend hits suspect with car

Area residents say the woman had been at the construction site for a couple of weeks and was known to be animated while holding a sign telling people to slow down.

Video Transcript

- Horrible and deadly shooting in the Bronx in the otherwise quaint neighborhood of City Island.

- A woman who directs traffic at a construction site there, suddenly shot several times by a man on a bicycle. And the woman's boyfriend, jumping into action to capture the man police say is the suspect. Eyewitness News reporter Jim Dolan, live at the scene with this tragic story of gun violence. Jim.

JIM DOLAN: Yeah, Bill, let me just tell you that you can see this is an active construction scene. Let me just give you an idea of where we are. Right back there is the bridge that leads to and from City Island. This afternoon, police say a man rode up on that bicycle right there and fired three shots at a construction worker working with the crew here, a woman. She was shot and killed.

Police say her boyfriend was in that car. When the woman was shot her boyfriend, who was here because of her lunch break, chased him down with the car. Police say he beat the suspect while waiting for police.

The gunman rode up on his bike, police say, and fired three shots at a 52-year-old woman working at the construction site. Her boyfriend, who was there for the woman's lunch break, got in his car and chased the gunman down, and held him for police.

- The shots rang out, and, you know, you never know, because you have Rodman's Neck, which is right over here, so there's always gunshots going off. So you don't know. But this sounded too clear, and it was right outside.

JIM DOLAN: Just about everyone on City Island knew the woman who worked with the construction crew directing traffic around the site.

- She did the slow and the stop, you know. She had the sign, getting us to slow down when we come on the island. Very nice. She was having lunch the other day, a matter of fact standing up, and that's good worker.

JIM DOLAN: The suspect was taken to a hospital, but he's in police custody. The boyfriend is being questioned by police, who say that all three people knew one another, though it's not yet clear how well the couple knew the gunman, or why the gunman might shoot the victim.

- She was a very, very nice person, very bubbly personality. The last kind of person you want to see something like that happen to.

- She was a doll. She was good. We all stood there doing work, you know. Wait for the traffic. It wasn't a big deal. I don't know how anybody could be that angry.

JIM DOLAN: Back live now. Again, one woman dead after gunshots here on City Island. Again, police say the victim, the gunman, and the boyfriend all knew one another. The man, who police believe fired the shots, is 67-years-old.