Woman Shot, Killed On Street In City Island, Bronx

A woman was gunned down while working at a road construction site in the Bronx on Wednesday; CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.

Video Transcript

- We begin tonight with breaking news in the Bronx, where a woman was gunned down while working at a road construction site. "CBS2 News," Jenna DeAngelis is live at City Island with the latest. Jenna.

JENNA DEANGELIS: Well, Dana, this happened here at City Island Avenue and City Island Road. You could actually see there's still a scene here behind me, with police working at this time. We're told a woman was working at that construction site as a flagger for traffic control. Sources say the shooter, and ex-boyfriend, exchanged words with her, although it's not clear what was said, and shot her.

I want to give you a look from chopper two, where you can see the bike the shooter allegedly tried to escape on around 12:30 this afternoon. Sources say a 67-year-old man shot the 52-year-old woman multiple times. We're told her 58-year-old boyfriend, who was also working at the construction site, witnessed the shooting and chased after the suspect with his car, striking him as he tried to get away on his bike. At this time it doesn't appear the boyfriend will be facing criminal charges. Charges however are pending for the suspect.

We spoke to a man who lives and works here. He says the woman has been a friendly face here for a few weeks.

- She's the flagger for this construction company. So she's-- as long as they've been here, she's been here. She was very bubbly, very friendly, very outgoing. She spoke to everyone. You know, she always had a smile. She had a joke. And everyone got to her in a short time that she's been here. And I have nothing but good things to say. I pray for her soul.

JENNA DEANGELIS: A gun was recovered at the scene. Police are looking into a motive for the shooting, but calling it a domestic murder. We're live on City Island. Jenny DeAngelis, "CBS2 News."