Woman shot at while confronting car burglary suspects in West Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A West Nashville woman was shot at multiple times after intervening with two car burglary suspects, and the tense moments were all caught on camera.

“It was just absolutely terrifying,” Monica Tipps told News 2.

She had just gotten home from work in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 10, and was getting out of her car in front of her home on Oceola Avenue.

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“I was exiting my vehicle. I heard something behind me and I already knew what it was. It was somebody breaking into cars, because it happens all the time now, unfortunately,” Tipps explained.

That’s when she grabbed her cell phone and began filming. In the moment, her emotions got the best of her as she decided to yell at the suspects.

“Hey! I’m calling the cops! I got you on camera!” you hear her yell in the video.

As the suspect car began to speed off, Tipps tried to catch their tags on camera. Instead, she found herself taking cover from bullets.

The video shows the headlights of the suspect car turn off before the car stopped and several shots were fired.

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“The fact that they would do something as brazen as to shoot at me when I’m just saying, ‘Hey, I got you on camera,’ whose to say they won’t come shoot up my house, you know? It’s really scary,” she explained.

While some may call her actions brave, Tipps said, “Bravery and stupidity look an awful lot alike.”

She says her actions nearly cost her life.

“Where I had ducked, that’s exactly where the bullet was headed, where my head was,” she said.

Her vehicle was hit by three bullets, but Tipps said it ultimately saved her.

“Where they shot at, it went through the radiator. One went through the radiator and got caught in some wires. Another went through the front bumper, the driver’s side,” she said pointing to her vehicle. “I got very lucky, blessed that I didn’t get hit.”

Tipps is left counting her blessings with a new perspective.

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“I knew better, but at the time I just wanted them to stop. I should have just left it alone and let them do what they do and mind my own business,” she stated.

Metro police told News 2 that a neighbor’s car on Osceola Avenue was broken into and a laptop was stolen just before those shots were fired.

Tipps believes the suspect car was a maroon Nissan Altima with a spoiler on the back. Anyone who may have information is asked to call metro police at 615-862-8600.

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