Woman shows how to make ‘prison makeup’ with just Pepsi, flour and cocoa mix: ‘that’s some fire coverage’

One woman is pulling back the curtain on how to create what she’s dubbed “prison makeup.”

On June 25, Taylor (@taylorbnice), a Columbia, South Carolina-based creator currently trying to start a business for her “prison collection,” took to TikTok to reveal ways to practice self-care, like making your own foundation, with minimal products.

Using just three products — cake mix, flour or powdered sugar, cocoa mix and Pepsi — Taylor demonstrates how to create a foundation.

Taylor starts off with a container of her chosen powdered ingredient. She then adds “a little bit” of Pepsi, which she gradually works in. Then, “depending on how dark the girl is,” she adds in some cocoa mix.

“So pretty much what the soda do, it makes it sticky so it can last on your face,” she explains. “And you just keep adding…It’s gonna eventually turn into balls and stuff…And if it’s too dark, then you just add more flour or powdered sugar.”

According to Taylor, inmates can use tampons as brushes when applying products. Adding more cocoa powder, she explains in a separate video, can also be used for contouring.

‘Nah cause, why is it full coverage AND edible. I’m sold’

With more than 11.5 million views, 1.5 million likes and 29,100 comments in just days, Taylor’s video has received widespread attention. Many users shared their surprise over the self-made product’s seemingly impressive quality — and coverage.

“that’s some fire coverage,” @aishaadabrat wrote.

“But why does this look way better than a lot of name brand foundations,” @_yourbeautifull asked.

“Nah cause, why is it full coverage AND edible. I’m sold,” @alltimebrionna commented.

The legality of using makeup and practicing self-care in American prisons is a decades-long debate, and the amount of access inmates have to products that aid in this depends on certain factors, like “whether or not one is in a jail or prison, a state or federal institution, and what state and county they’re in,” Byrdie reported.

“A woman with low self-esteem and low confidence is not going to do well in many aspects of her life,” previously incarcerated influencer Jen Gomez told Byrdie. “If you can give that woman a little something to make them feel good, then they might do better when they come out.”

Prominent figures on “JailTok,” like former inmate Amanda Dove (@prison_story), have also taken to the digital platform to share a series of self-care hacks they’ve practiced while incarcerated. Dove, for instance, revealed her own “prison skincare hacks,” which include using Jergens lotion as a face moisturizer, coffee grounds as a facial scrub and brewed tea bags to de-puff her eyes.

Similarly, Tina Tsakonas (@tinassee) shared how you can use KoolAid to dye hair.

In a separate video, Tsakonas also demonstrates how to make a lip stain using KoolAid, Vaseline and water.

“I told you,” Tina says in her video after her alter ego realizes the hack actually works. “You know we gotta do what we gotta do in here. But it’s not fun. It’s still jail.”

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