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Woman sorry for not saving George Floyd

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Darnella, a 17-year-old who filmed the killing, told the court that she says sorry to George Floyd every night for not intervening to save his life.

Video Transcript

GEORGE FLOYD: I can't breathe.

GREG MILAM: The video that showed the world the last moments of George Floyd's life was recorded by a young woman bystander. She herself was filmed by one of the police officers' body cameras, in the blue, next to her young cousin in green.

Now 18, she came to give evidence, not identified by the cameras in court, and only by her first name, [? Darnella. ?]

- There was the little girl in the green shirt, and there you are. Do you see you?

- Yes.

GREG MILAM: Images from CCTV show how she made sure her cousin was inside the store before going back to begin filming.

- I see a man on the ground, terrified, scared, begging for his life. It seemed like he knew-- it seemed like he knew it was over for him.

- Did you ever see him try to administer CPR?

- No.

- Did you see him call anyone else to administer aid to Mr. Floyd?

- No.

- Did he call out and ask if anybody amongst the bystanders knew CPR who might be able to help?

- Not at all.

GREG MILAM: These were her final words to the jury.

- It's been nights I stayed up apologizing and apologizing to George Floyd for not doing more and not physically interacting and not saving his life.

GREG MILAM: Where it all happened is now a shrine to George Floyd as the reckoning over his death continues. In court, another of those bystanders, Donald Williams, told the court he called emergency services to report what was happening.

- At some point, did you make a 911 call?

DONALD WILLIAMS: That is correct. I did call the police on the police.

- Right. And why did you do that?

DONALD WILLIAMS: Because I believe I witnessed a murder.

GREG MILAM: That call was played in court.

DONALD WILLIAMS: He just pretty much just killed this guy that wasn't resisting arrest. He had his knee on this dude's neck the whole time.

GREG MILAM: To someone on the scene, Mr. Williams said this.

DONALD WILLIAMS: Murderers, bro. [INAUDIBLE] these murderers, bro.

GREG MILAM: Derek Chavin denies murder and manslaughter. He says drugs and ill health killed George Floyd.

- That's [BLEEP], bro. That's [BLEEP], bro.

GREG MILAM: What the jury's heard so far is from those who see this very differently. Greg Milam, Sky News, Minneapolis.